Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Fall Break

For Sawyer's fall break this year Rob took some time off and we tried to do some fun activities as a family. On Saturday we took the kids to South Jordan indoor swimming pool. It was so fun they had a huge twisty water slide, an alligator slide, lots of fountains, lazy river, and a separate kiddie pool.
Sawyer surfing down the alligator mouth!

Taytem loved the fountains and swimming. She is such a water baby, we love it!

She is already such a poser for the camera!

Sawyer taking Taytem down the slide

Sawyer went down the large slide many times, I think he had a blast.

On Thursday we all went to Trafalga in Orem to play.
We all did a round of golf. Sawyer and his Dad had fun playing the many games inside. Sawyer also informed me that it was fun but, not as fun as Boondocks!

Taytem taking a swing in her stroller

Rob takes this very serious, he made us all score our games.
Sawyer is very compeitive and wants to do the best(I think he takes after his Mom) so between him and his Dad it was quite the game.

The race track was empty except for Rob and Sawyer. Sawyer wasn't tall enough so he had to ride with his Dad, which was okay because he was driving all crazy and Sawyer loved it.

Ward Halloween Party

My "Little Mermaid" Taytem and her "Prince Eric" (Dad) I told him I had a Prince Eric costume but he didn't want to dress up!
My BYU quarterback! Sawyer had to be number 15 of course his favorite John Beck!

Saturday night we had our ward Halloween Party, Sawyer was so excited to wear his costume, even though he has been the same thing for the last three years!
On the invite it asked us to bring a sloppy joe mixture, and I just thought how easier I just need a can of "Manwich". I called my mom and asked if she had one, she brought it over and I was saying how easy that was to take. My mom looked at me and said," I think it means you are suppose to make the sloppy joe mix with the hamburger and all! Duh!! It then click, she was right and nice enough to cook and mix it all up while I got the kids in their costumes.

Monday, October 20, 2008

Bottling Tomatoes

One of my favorite memories when I was younger was helping pick tomatoes and green beans for my Mom and aunt Staryl to bottle. They would bottle so many and it would take days to do it. The whole house would smell of tomatoes. Us kids were in charge of picking buckets full and also help snapping off the ends of the green beans. I remember doing this sitting around on Kaze's front porch talking and laughing and hearing Staryl yelling at Adriann for one thing or another!!
Last week my uncle Taft told us that he had lots of tomatoes left that no one was going to use so anyone that wanted them could have them. So, my Mom and me went and picked all of the riped tomatoes before the big freeze. That next day we spent the whole day bottling them. I didn't know what I was doing so my mom really did all of the work and I just helped here and there.

The finished product! We are ready for lots of taco soup and mac and cheese and tomatoes(NOT the mac and cheese out of the box!!)

We also made Salsa out of the tomatoes, Rob is a big salsa eater so I hope he enjoys it all the hard work I put into it!(I mean my Mom put into it!)

Thursday, October 16, 2008

Junior( the dog) and Taytem

(Side note: to hear the video you need to pause the music on the bottom of my page)
I put Taytem in her saucer the other day while I was fixing dinner,and Junior our dog was out running around. Junior would get up on the saucer next to her and she would freak out!! I thought it was very funny of course, so I grabbed the camera and torchered Taytem one more time with Junior so I could record it. Poor Junior has been nelgected since Taytem was born, he has been replaced, but we still LOVE him.

Thursday, October 9, 2008


I love my kids so very much and I just wanted to list a few of my favorite things they do.
-I love her bink smile as we call it, she gives you a big old smile while still having her bink in her mouth.
-When she is super tired she plays with your face or hair.
-She is very ticklish(Rob says she gets this from me) and she can be crying mad and if you just tickle her she stops and laughs.
-How darn excited she gets EVERYTIME she sees me(it never gets old to her and I love it)
-How Dad comes home and for the first 20 mins she won't look at him, she smiles when he talks to her but will not look at him( I think she likes to tease her Dad!)
-Taytem's gorgeous BIG eyes!
-He loves being the big brother and wants to pack Taytem everywhere
-He can play for hours BYU football "play by play" all by himself(you have to see this, he even has the part of the BYU fight song which he hums while he(the team) runs out onto the field
-He loves to tell us all the time everything him and his Dad has in common for example: they love: ice cream, steak and potatoes, cereal, candy, PlayStation collage Football, Guitar Hero, BYU Football. This is just a few, ask him and he'll name them all.
-He loves when people tell him he looks just like his Dad especially now that they have the same glasses.
-When I go and volunteer in his class he makes sure he gives me a hug and kiss before I leave, and he doesn't care if the whole class sees.
-Sawyer's amazingly long eye lashes that any girl would die for.

Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Taytem's Teeth

Taytem finally has gotten her teeth(yea!) After many miserable days and night the first tooth broke through. Last Monday I was holding her and she put my finger in her mouth and starting chewing. I was shocked to feel that she had #2 tooth, hopefully they all come that way when we can't tell they are coming. It makes it so much easier on all of us! She loves to chew on anything she can get a hold of especially someones finger (watch out she can chomp hard)

Sunday, October 5, 2008

Our Trip Up North

Photobucket src="http://i256.photobucket.com/albums/hh168/aftbushm/BYU.gif" border=0>

We packed Friday and headed up North to Logan for the BYU vs USU football game. We had planned to get a hotel room up there and stay over night for a little getaway. Once we got up there we found the only room left in Logan.

Taytem and Grandpa Bushman
My Dad works for BYU as the equipment manager, so we get all the game tickets we want!!(Thanks Dad!) So the kids get special treatment and go down on the field with Grandpa. We couldn't get Taytem's attention to take the picture because there was to much going on down on the field. All the cheerleaders thought Taytem was SOOO cute (and she is!)
Sawyer took this picture of Grandpa in action, helping a player with his cleats.
Taytem, Sawyer and Rob. Sawyer thinks it's the coolest thing to have matching glasses like his dad.
This was Taytem's first football game and she was really good. This stadium holds about 30,000 and Sawyer loved being so close to the field.
Grandpa again down on the side lines.

Sawyer and Taytem at the Sherwood Hills Resort in Sardine Canyon.
We woke up to and down pour of rain and we were glad it didn't rain the night before. They had a great swimming pool and we all had a great time swimming.
Rob and Sawyer doing what they do best: Making Taytem laugh
Sawyer jumping off the rocks in the pool

Dad and Taytem in the kiddie pool. She loves to be in the water.
Our fish "Sawyer"
Sawyer is becoming quite the photographer.
I meant to take some pictures in the Canyon because the leaves were changing and it was really pretty, but it was raining so hard I didn't get the chance.
On our way back we stopped at the Hill AirForce Museum. We haven't been there before so we thought we would stop and try it out. Sawyer and Rob were in heaven looking at all the planes, helicopters and Jets. Taytem and I enjoyed it too.

Sawyer and Dad under a GIANT plane
Dad and Sawyer checking out the missile.
One of my favorite planes.
Taytem and her favorite plane.
M*A*S*H Helicopter

Sawyer in the pilot seat
Rob and Taytem in the pilot seat.
Sawyer said he couldn't decided which one was his favorite he liked all the planes. F-16 fighter Jet.
Sawyer by "Blackout" the Transformer HelicopterMe, Taytem and Sawyer
This was Sawyers favorite part, he could to dress up in a flight suit and helmet and pretend to fly the airplanes.

Sawyer and I had to take this picture 20 times and it still didn't work, Dad was changing Taytem's Diaper.
Dad and Sawyer in the flight simulator
We had a lot of fun on our mini trip.