Friday, February 15, 2008

The Craziest Day Ever!

So Wednesday just happened to be the worst day in a long time. That afternoon it started to snow and blow very hard. I went to get Sawyer at the bus stop and the bus's were not there. They had to turn around and go back to the school because of the weather. So I left about 4:30pm to pick him up at the school. The short and most direct route is the Alpine/Highland Highway. So I started off in the horrible storm. To make my story somewhat short, I moved only three miles in 5 hours. Yes 5 hours! The weather was the worst I've ever seen. I could not see more than three feet in front of me and it was bumper to bumper no one moving. They had closed the road and everyone was stuck in their cars. To make matters worse I didn't have a cell phone, mine was stolen a few days before. So everyone was worried about me and I was just wondering if I was going to have to sleep in my car. I knew Sawyer was safe at the school. Rob was completely freaked out when I didn't come home and my parents hadn't heard from me either. So They all set out to find me. Rob talked to the Lehi police who told him a woman had gone into labor on the highway and they were trying to get her to the hospital. And of course no one could find out her name for over an hour! The only way to get Sawyer was going through American Fork so my parents headed that way while Rob was still trying to find me. At about 10 pm they finally had a road open for people to detour around and I was able to borrow a nice man's cell phone to call Rob. I was the first one to get to Sawyer at his school at 10:30pm that night! He was just fine and having a blast playing games, watching movies and eating food at his school. They offered for us to stay the night at the school and so did a couple of families that were close to the school. Because we live in Travsere Mtn. they had completely closed all roads to it so we could not go home. We stayed at my parents and finally got in bed around midnight. What a day! I am very thankful no one was hurt and everyone was safe. I'm also very thankful to the school and everyone involved in keeping Sawyer safe!