Monday, July 14, 2008


We took the kids(minus Taytem she stayed with Grandma and Grandpa Bushman) to the stadium of fire. The fireworks were great this year.
Quincey and Maycee
Gus, Maddux, Sawyer, and Easton, played with their glow sticks during the Mylie concert! The Blue Man Group was much better.
Mylie was good but she didn't sing the songs the girls knew. We were a little disappointed.

Easton and Sawyer
Maycee and her cousin Brooke

4th of July Parade

One of my family's traditions is going to the parade on the 4th. The last couple of years we have been camping out on University Ave. This year Rob, Sawyer and my Dad camped out saving us the best seats for the parade.
Some of the cousins who came to the parade.
Taytem's first year at the parade. She loved it except for the loud sirens which seemed to last forever. She got the saddest pouty face and cried!

This was Sawyer's favorite part of the parade. He said it looked just like the one from Transformers.

Tuesday, July 1, 2008


We can't believe it. Taytem has finally taken a Bink. We have been trying for four months and NOW she will finally take one. And guess what!! Last night she finally slept through the night. I'm not sure if it was a just a coincidence or the real think. I guess we will find out tonight.


Sawyer wanted to try wakeboarding with his dad. The first time the tried to get up the rope broke! I thought for sure he would be done, but Rob yelled to throw another rope.

Rob went outside of the wake with Sawyer. Rob said Sawyer kept saying Dad don't jump! Please dad dont' jump!

This was Taytem's first time on the boat and she loved it! She is so our baby! Loving to be in the sun, on the boat, and in the water!

BYU Football Camp

Sawyer went to BYU's cub football camp this year with his cousins Gus and Maddux
Sawyer loves football! He tells us he is going to play for BYU when he gets big like his dad.

This was one of the drills that Sawyer loved to do. His Grandpa went over one day to watch and one of the coachs commented on how hard his was hitting the dummy. My dad looked at him and said, "that's because he's my grandson!" Grandpa was proud!