Sunday, August 17, 2008

The Best Day Boating!!


Rob was probably just as excited as I was. It was such a great feeling to be so high up and then to come down on the opposite side and land it perfectly!!
Rob informed me I am the first girl to clear the wake of his boat!!
We have been boating a lot this summer and it has been great.
Rob has taught me to drive the boat and so I can drive while he boards.

We have it down to a routine, I pack the boat, have everyone ready to go,hook the boat up to the truck , and Rob comes home from work and we go. He launches the boat while I park the truck and trail and we are set to boat for the night.
Sawyer is the best helper with the baby and flagger! His job is to inform the driver if one of us wrecks and he gets to hold the flag.
I must say I'm quite impressed with my backing of a trail skills!

Day at Lagoon

We decided to take Sawyer to Lagoon. I haven't been in almost ten years and Sawyer has never been. We had alot of fun riding all the new rides.
These water falls were a great hit with the kids and it sure kept them cool.

Sawyer isn't to fond of the big rollercosters so while Rob and I rode them Sawyer went with his uncle and cousins to ride the kid rides!(He could care less he loves those rides)

Thursday, August 7, 2008

Cereal and a mess!

Last week we tried rice cereal for the first time and it didn't go so well. Taytem would shiver from the taste, spit it out and put her fingers in her mouth with it.
Needless to say we both need baths when we were done!

Pierced Ears

We had been talking about piercing Taytem's ears since she was born and we finally did it. Right after her 4month check up we headed to the mall and had it done.
She cried only because I had to hold her head still while they pierced her ears and the second I let go she was fine. So far so good they haven't' bothered her at all.

Friday, August 1, 2008

Last Wednesday night we wenting swimming

Maycee is such a good big sister, she just adores Taytem and wants to take care of her all the time. When we got home she wanted to change her and get her ready for bed.
The Adams boys!

Mom and Taytem. We hung out at the kiddie pool while the others went down the slides. This was my attempt at taking a picture of us.

Easton's Baptism Day

Easton was baptized on July 5th by his dad. It was such a special day and he was so excited.
Easton and his dad looked so handsome in their suits. Easton wouldn't leave his dad's side and followed him everywhere. The best part was after when he came up out of the water and let out a big "wow"
Family Pic, I'm not sure how come I'm the one in the light, that's SCARY!
I love this pic and it would be perfect if Taytem wasn't crying.
Brooke and Maycee

Grandpa and Grandma Adams with Easton
Grandpa and Grandma Bushman with Easton
My sister Michelle and her son Gerhig came up to the baptism. Gerhig was blowing on the glass door and I just had to take a picture.
The night before we had a family bar b que to celebrate Easton's baptism. And I didn't get any pictures, Taytem was having one of her spells of crying in pain(we think it's her stomach) for hours at a time. So after I had it all ready I was stuck in the bedroom trying to comfort her while the family was out eating.