Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Toe Problems

What do you get when you mix weights and your toe in the morning getting out of bed?

Thursday morning I was climbing out of bed and stubbed my toe on the weights sitting by my bed. I thought I was doing going working out at home trying to get in shape. I swore(which I think anyone would do) and dropped to the floor in pain. That night at work cute Melissa took good care of me. She called the ER and asked what to do? They to her to buddy wrap it. So if you see me walking funny, it's my toe!

Saturday, September 27, 2008

Pinewood Derby

This year was Easton's first year to do the pinewood derby. His dad made his car and we all nervously waiting for the races to begin. Easton won every single race, taking first place!!
I'm not sure who was more excited Dad or Easton. Sawyer told his dad next year when its his turn he wants the exact same car but yellow!
Dad and Easton nervously waiting their turn to race.

Sunday, September 21, 2008

Boating with Friends

This year we tried to go boating with all of our friends but everyone was so busy we only made it with a few. We took my good friend from work Sarah and her three kids, Savannah, Talia, and Caleb. We had so much fun and Sarah was able to get up wake boarding. While in the boat Sarah got bit by a large fly and it bled. We didn't think anything of it until a few days later I got a call from her tell me how it was all infected and they were worried it could be the plague!!!( so crazy!) She had to have it cultured and sent off for testing, she was also started right away on antibiotics. Thanks goodness she is okay and it wasn't the plague.
Matt and Sara and their boys Kaden and Treven were next to go boating. We we out having a great time. I must confess I didn't bring my camera on trip because for those of you who don't know Sara is a professional photographer and I felt way out of my league taking pictures with her! So Sara when you get a chance I would love for you to email me so pictures so I can post them. Matt went wake boarding first then Rob and then myself, Matt went out for his second run and after a short time the boat just stopped! After Rob and Matt looked at the engine it was determined that a belt had broken and we were stranded. Yes, really stranded we couldn't see a boat anywhere near us. Rob got out the CB radio and radioed for help, and who would respond to our distress? A little sail boat named the Plunger!! I thought we will never get home til 2 in the morning waiting for The Plunger to come and find us and then tow us in. So I got on the phone to my brother, who is a police officer, who put us through to dispatch and they were sending a office out to the marine to get us. LUCKILY we had ONE paddle and Matt was going to use his strong muscles and row us into shore(HA HA!) We have a spotlight on the boat and Rob got it out just in time as a large boat was driving bay off in the distance. We flagged them down and they were heading back to the dock in AF and they were nice enough to tow us back. Thank you kind strangers!

The boat is fixed and the last Wednesday we went boating with Dusty and Jane their cute kids and business partner Alson and wife Myla. We had a great time wake boarding and the kids rode the tube. Dusty cleared the wake, Rob did his back flip, and Jane was totally catching air on her jumps. Sawyer and Myla became friends quick building a hut under the boat with towels. We had just enough time and fun til the storm rolled in. Jane I also would love some pictures to post, I was in such a hurry I couldn't find my camera.
So thanks to everyone who went boating we had a lot of fun(despite the two incidents) and for those who couldn't make it lets do it next year for sure. (We hope by then to have a new boat!!)

Friday, September 19, 2008

True Blue Byu Fans!

For those who don't know Grandpa works for BYU sports, so for the first away game at Washington we put Taytem is her cheer outfit and Sawyer in his jersey and we sent a picture to Grandpa up at the game.
He said he was so excited to get the picture and he was showing all the players and coaches how cute their fans back home are.

My baby is getting too big!!

Taytem is now sitting up on her own, it's so fun to watch them grow up. I can't believe she was 4lbs just 7 months ago. We are so impressed (especially her Ped Dr. Mumford) with how well she has done for being a preemie. They say preemies will do everything at least a month behind, but not her she is right on track.

We bought this cute hat at Gap, I can't wait for it to get cold so she can wear it.

Taytem has gotten so big, she is now 7 months old and has such a cute personality! We love to hear her laugh, and she will do it for anyone.

Saturday, September 6, 2008

OUCH!! The dentist!

Before school started Sawyer and I went to the dentist to have our annual cleaning. Sawyer is a very difficult child to get to brush his teeth, so he ended up with four cavities and two teeth that needed to be pulled. One was infected and the other needed to come out for the new one to come in and to make some room in his mouth.
The dentist office wanted us to schedule all of this in 4 different appointments.
I had the hardest time getting him into the office, he was crying and throwing himself on the ground and trying to run away! (Yes very embarrassing)
I asked if they could just do all of his work that day because I didn't think I could get him to come back three more times.
So, we left the office with one very numb mouth and with two holes in his mouth!!
What a traumatic day for both of us!!
Needless to say Sawyer will now brush his teeth with one prompting from me.

First Day of School

Sawyer started school on August 18th. He is back at Ameila Earhart where he went to Kindergarten. This year his teacher is Mrs. Robbins. She is very cute and seem to be a good teacher. He got to pick out his own "packpack"(as he calls it) and of course chose the ugliest one HULK!
He said the best thing about school is the lunch and recess(sounds like a boy!)

Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Maycee's Birthday Party

Maycee turned 11 on August 27th and we had a little family get together for her at our house.
Rob says he doesn't feel old enough to have a eleven year old. I told him that she will be an teenager in five years!!
Maycee got some really good presents, mostly money so she can pick her own gifts out. Dad and Teresa gave her a new bike and clothes.
Maycee and her cousins, Quincey and Brielle
Maycee's two cousins just adore her and want to be around her constantly!