Friday, December 5, 2008

Thanksgiving trip to Monticello

During the trip down south we went to Moab for the day. Sawyer loved the sand hill and was completely covered with red sand.

The whole family hiked to the Delicate Arch. I have never been and it was a good hike. Rob told Sawyer we had to stay on the trails and not touch or the "TH's" would be mad. Sawyer asked what it was and Rob told him is was a tree hugger and that they were really weird. So we pull up and park the car and Rob says Sawyer look right next to us they are TH's. I quickly replied Rob if you tell Sawyer that he will call them that and embarass everyone! Rob then had to explain we can't call them that to their face.(Which was even better!) During the hike I over hear Sawyer asking one of his cousins, "Do you know what a TH is? I do it's someone who is mean and hugs trees!" I guess Rob hasn't learned you don't tell Sawyer something unless it's safe for everyone to hear. Sawyer will repeat every.

Taytem had the good life in the Kelti (thanks Sarah!!)

This was our gang hanging out getting ready for the hike back.

Our cute family at the base of the Arch

Auntie Kenneth!! We love him not only does he do amazing hair(mine) he is a lot of fun.

Sawyer off hiking away. This was Sawyer's first time really hiking.

Taytem had such a good time on Dad's back, she would play with his hair, rub his neck and my favorite spit all of the back of his neck!

Gage and Sawyer, Sawyer loves to go to Monticello mainly to play with Gage these two are together non-stop the whole trip. They have sleepovers, swim in the pool and get lost for hours down in Grandma Adam's basement. We wish Gage lived closer.

Rob, Taytem and his sister Sumer and Emery

We got to the base of where we were to hike and everyone was piling out of the cars. Sawyer got in one of his moods and decided that he wanted jeans to wear like everyone else. He was so mad and didn't want to get out of the car or go on the hike. Of course he didn't say anything while I was getting him dressed or while we were eating breakfast at Grandma's or when we went back to the hotel to get a few things, or even at the store in Moab. It wasn't until we were there ready to hike. He complained and told me how stupid the hike and everything about it was until about one-third of the way up, then he ran up with all the kids and I didn't hear from him about the jeans the rest of the day!

This year we went to Monticello for Thanksgiving with the Adams Family. It is always fun to go and see all of the cousins, aunts, uncles, and Grandpa and Grandma and Grandma Pearl who last time asked who the Hell I was! She's 90 and doesn't quite remember very well. Then on the other hand is Grandpa Lynn who can remember my name, Sawyers and Taytems and how old everyone is. My favorite is Grandpa Lynn is a total cowboy but boy does he love to golf! Not to mention the little 'ol town of Monticello population 15oo(Maybe!)
This is cute Emery and Jade, who are my little shadow!!

Taytem playing with her cousin Kooper who is only three days younger than her.

It's fun to see these two and how big they are getting. Kooper can crawl and will walk with help. Taytem will do neither!

We had a good time eating lots of good food and hanging out with the family.

9 mos. old

I decided to try and take some more pictures of Taytem. She is now 9 months old and I can't believe how big she has gotten!
Her favorite thing right now is her foot! She loves eating her toes.

She wasn't quite sure what I was doing hence the look on her face.

I love her smile.

I've had this hat for quite awhile meaning to take pics of her in it, I have finally got around to it.

Sunday, November 2, 2008

Halloween Night

Sawyer and his cousins Maddux and Gus were football players. Rob went as their coach!
Taytem was a lion, to keep her warm!

Gerhig Pooh trying to escape his stroller

Sawyer and his dad carved these pumpkins the night before. We had other pumpkins but they were stolen off our porch. So we waited til the last minute to get more.

I'm Sawyer's room mother and I was in charge of the Halloween party. We had lots of fun and the party went really well. This is Sawyer and his teacher Mrs. Robbins (Little Miss Mufett)

Family Halloween Party

My aunt Lisa use to have the most wonderful Halloween parties when I was younger. It was always so much fun going to her parties. So this year I decided to do one for all of the kids in my family. It took alot of work and time but it was worth it.
This table had the food favors for the kids. Popcorn hands and Witches hats

We did most of the party out in my Moms garage, it was such a nice night. I was glad the weather cooperated.

We had dinner and then the kids played a few games, made the paper rockets and had a parade.

We had Mummy hot dogs and bone bread sticks!

The girls got these buckets that I made while the boys got black witch cauldrons for favors.

Thanks to my brother-in-law, Michael, we used his rocket launcher and the kids made rockets. This was quite the hit of the party!

My mom helping the kids with thier rockets.

My cousin Kate and my cousin Carly's new baby Levi.

My cousin Erica and my cousin Adriann's baby girl Madison(one of the twins)

Michael my cousins husband and the other twin Michael.

All of the kids outside

More of the Halloween Parade

Halloween Party!

Thank you to everyone for coming and for the pictures. I was so busy with the party that I forgot to take any pictures myself!! Sorry if I spelled any names wrong! Here are all of the cute kids that were at the party. I have pictures for everyone and I will be mailing them out!
Bently was so cute the whole time I was getting things ready walking in and out of the garage she would shut the door and lock me out!

Sorry Isabella wasn't to sure about standing by the ghost for his pic.

BYU football player, Vampire, mermaid, vampire
Sawyer, Maycee, Taytem and Easton

Dad and his girls

Gerhig is so silly, while the kids were playing a game trying to throw the candy corn in the pumpkin, he sat himself down on and started eating the candy corn off the ground that was missing the pumpkins!

Dasiy and Donald
Noah and Zoey
Zoey made my night, when she was approaching the party in her very cute little voice she exclaimed, "It's a Party! It's a Party!" she was so excited.

We had a special guest appearance from Tiger Woods himself!

Storm Trooper


Curious George, BYU football player, Bunny, BYU cheerleader
Kelson, Gus, Cassie, Brielle

Alien, Winnie the Pooh and Witch
Maddux, Gehrig, Quincey

Pink Fairy and Blue Fairy
Audrey and Whitney

Audrey was one of my favorites during the rockets, every time I would launch hers off she would giggle and giggle and giggle non-stop!

Witch and the Joker
Avire and Reese

Vampire, Prom Queen, BYU Cheerleader and Witch
Maycee, Brooke, Bri and Quincey