Sunday, April 27, 2008


I thought this picture was too cute I just had to post it. Sunday when we got home from church and took the blanket off Taytem's car seat this is what we saw. She gets into such a deep sleep her mouth falls open and that big flower bow had fallen right over her eyes. Usually she let's us know by crying but I guess she was just way to tired.

Family Bowling

After going last week and watch Rob bowl, Sawyer has been asking us to go bowling. We took him to the local bowling alley in American Fork on Friday night. I thought for sure it was going to be very busy, but it wasn't at all. We got right on and played a few games. Sawyer is so animated when he plays. He falls on the ground and pounds the floor to see if he can get the ball to go where he wants. He also started doing a warm-up routine before every turn. Rob told him at his tournament that his secret to bowling strikes was to put powder on his thumb. So all night long Sawyer had to put Rob's powder on his hands so he could do good!


Thursday I took Taytem for her 2 month check-up. She now weighs 10 lbs 11 oz and is 21 inches long. She is no longer my preemie baby. I had to take her myself because she was getting 5 immunization shots and Rob can't handle seeing her get them! After the doctor's office we went to lunch with some girls I work with because Melanie is moving to California. During the lunch Taytem starting crying, screaming and just holding her whole body just rigid. I couldn't do anything to comfort her. She was crying and I was upset, it was a mess. I left the restaurant without eating and feeling horrible I could visit with my friends. After talking to my mom I decided to call the pediatrician. The nurse told me it was a reaction to the Pertussis in the HTP vaccination. She also told me that next time they can give her the shot without the pertussis. So sorry girls from work and I was serious she doesn't act that way all the time.

Wednesday, April 23, 2008


As many of you know Rob is a big time bowler, when I first met him he was in two different bowling leagues. Now that we are married he has cut it down to only one which is the best league in Utah. All of the best bowlers are in this league. Last night was the finals, Rob's team was in second place and had to play against the first place team. After three games Rob's team had won! We were all excited, winners get cash prizes and now Rob can treat me to a nice dinner and get me those cute True Religion jeans for Mothers Day(Hint Hint Rob)
Another good note of the night Rob bowled his best game 264. Way to go babe!

Monticello Trip

Sawyer and his cousin Gage. Sawyer has a blast everytime we go to Monticello. He has so many cousins to play with and he get to ride horses and fourwheelers. This year we couldn't get him off the four wheelers, he was able to drive them himself and that's what he did all day.
Taytem and cousin Kooper. Kooper was born 4 days after Taytem.
Once a year in April we head down to Monticello (where Rob is from)to help his father with branding the new cows. Rob's dad is a cattle rancher and every spring the new calf's need to be branded. Rob does most of the work and me and Sawyer just go for the fun.
Rob rode a horse for 9 hours rounding up all of the cattle, and boy was he sore after! The next day he personally branded 200 calfs. He was a very busy guy I hardly ever saw him.
While all of Rob's family was there Alisa and Jeff (sister and brother-in-law) Blessed Kooper. It was great to see all of the family.

Moms attempt at photography

So I thought I have a nice camera it can't be that hard to take some photos of Taytem. Besides everywhere you go they charge so much money. Well it was hard trying to get Taytem to cooperate and have the lighting just right. Let's just say it took quite a few tries to get some good pictures. But, it was worth it, isn't she just so cute!