Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Las Vegas-Lion King

This summer we took the kids down to Las Vegas for a weekend getaway. We took the new car the first weekend we got it and headed on a road trip.
We stayed at the JW Marriott which I would recommend to anyone staying in Vegas with kids. While down there we swam a lot and we to see the Broadway show of Lion King.
Sawyer took this shot, he said he loves the palm trees

Taytem and her Dad poolside

The first night we got there Sawyer climbed into bed and was out in seconds.

Mom and Sawyer at the pool.

Taytem drinking her bottle poolside

Sawyers photography skills!

I don't have any pictures from the play because we were hanging out at the pool that morning and the headed up to the room for naps. I woke up and we were going to be late!!
Everyone hurried and showered got ready and headed to the strip.
We got to the Mandalay Bay where the play is at and went to do valet parking which happened to be full!! We made it just in time for the closing of the doors.
In all of the rush I left the camera at the hotel.
We LOVED the Lion King, especially Sawyer. Taytem did great for the whole 2 hours. Everyone should check it out.

Fourh of July

Every 4th of July that we don't go to the stadium of Fire we go to BYU football practice field and watch the fireworks. Thanks to my Dad we get special privileges, with limited people on the field. We eat pizza and the kids played around while we waited.
Taytem and Gerhig playing around waiting for the fireworks.
Taytem at the parade

Sawyer stayed out all night with his cousins, Grandpa and Dad to save our seats for the parade. They didn't get much sleep thanks to the thunder storm and rain.

My attempt to get their picture together. Taytem won't hold still for a second.