Thursday, April 1, 2010

Sawyer's Big Day( 8 years in the making!!)

So I need to get back in the swing of things and start posting again. We have had a lot of big changes in our family and it's about time I share them with you all. The first of big events in our family happened back in October of 2009.
I think we started the process in January and through lawyers and the courts everything just takes FOREVER!
Rob officially adopted Sawyer!!!
I remember sitting at the dinner table just a short time after Rob and I got married and Sawyer said, "Rob should I call you Rob or Dad?"
Rob replied,"Whatever you want to Sawyer."
From that day Sawyer called him both or Rob I mean Dad.
If you ask Sawyer he knows no different Rob has been like a Dad to him since they have met.
Sawyer will also tell you that they are exactly alike and then proceed to list everything the both like and have in common... hair is the same
same glasses
both like to eat-
Ice cream
cold cereal
And the list could go on!
The night before the big day our family got together at Brick Oven and had dinner. We knew not everyone could make it the next morning. Grandpa and Grandma Adams couldn't make it they were taking cows to Colorado for the winter. We tried to reschedule but once again the courts are impossible and it would have 2 more months.
Sawyer with his Grandpa and Grandma Bushman and his Great Grandma Fisher.
Grandma Fischer and Sawyer

Most of Sawyer's cousins on my side of the family.
Jaxon, Boston, Sawyer, Cy, Kelson, Bently, Taytem, Brielle,
Gerhig, Quincey, Cassie and Gus.

We had Judge Hansen, and he was great. He asked Sawyer if he wanted Rob to adopted him and if he wanted his last name changed to Adams. Sawyer said yes but was very nervous. The Judge also told Sawyer how lucky he was to be adopted by such a great guy!
Next the Judge went on to ask Rob a lot of questions. He then went on to say what a great guy Rob must be and is to adopt Sawyer. But we all know Rob is anyways don't we!!!
Then we were able to shake his hand and take some pictures with him. Judge Hansen told Rob again that he was very proud of him for "stepping up the plate" as he put it. He said that it was one of his favorite days because most days are negative as where ours was such a positive.

Maddux, Sawyer, and Trail

All of our wonderful family that could come to support us on such a big day!!
I don't have any pictures but Sawyer was able to go spend the rest of the day with his Grandpa at work. Grandpa's work if you don't already know consists of BYU sports. Sawyer first went to basketball practice and hung out with the team. He was able to go on the court and shot around with all the big guys. Next it was off to football practice where Coach Mendenhall shook his hand and congratulated him on being adopted and signed a helmet for him. He was also congratulated by Coach Doman who told him all of his kids were adoptive and he knew just how special the day was for Sawyer. But I think the highlight was when Coach asked him what position he played in football and then sent Sawyer off with those guys to run drill and practice the rest of the time with.
I sure think it was one day Sawyer will never forget!!


Jewels said...

My eyes seriously watered when I read this because I want this so bad for my little girl and I am SO HAPPY FOR YOU!!! You have the cutest little family.

Julie Lynn (Henline)

{jane} said...

so exciting! i'm just thrilled for Sawyer, and your entire family.


nylene said...

Teresa, Tori found your blog and gave me a link to it. Congrats on the adoption process. It was so nice to read about your family and see photos of you all and Cindy and Steve. Say "hi" to your mom.