Tuesday, April 20, 2010


Most of you know that we just bought our first home together in Highland last month. It's very rewarding owning a home , but it is also sooooo much work. I do enjoy the interior design part a lot. I almost went to school for that and
I'm now kicking myself really hard for not doing it! Anyways I have put together a few rooms but it feels like everything is still missing something.
Here are a few pictures of Sawyer's room. We are stilling missing his nightstand and roman shades on his door windows. Other than that he's is the most complete of the rooms. We took down his bunk beds and made them into 2 twins. One for Sawyer and then other for Easton when he is here.
We added new duvet covers, pillow, sheets, quilts and artwork.

If you can't tell already we have a sports theme going on here!! I love the canvas mural of the football player running down the tunnel.

We need lots of storage for all of Sawyer's little knick-knacks. I found this cute
bead board book shelf and added the metal locker baskets.

Sawyer's bathroom

Two rooms down alot more to go! Check back for more.


{jane} said...

teresa - it is so cute! and, the rest of your home is sooo charming already too! good work, isn't it so much fun?!?

by the way, i purchased sela's juicy suit in vegas too! when dusty & i went in december...at the juicy store in the forum shops! sela & tay will be little cute twinners this summer!

zedon said...

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