Thursday, November 5, 2009

DiSneylAnd TrIp!!!

We took the family and my Mom down to Disneyland for a week. Sawyer has been begging to go and we thought it would be fun to take Tay for her first trip.
We did the Storyteller's breakfast at our hotel and Sawyer was more interested with getting his picture taken with all the character instead of eating. Taytem was the opposite, she liked the characters from a distance.

My Dad couldn't make it for the whole week, so we flew him down on Sunday morning and stayed for 2 days. It was a lot of fun. Muhollands Madness was one of Sawyer's favorite rides so him, Rob and my Dad rode it over and over again.

We got there the weekend they were decorated for Halloween. They had a great Halloween fireworks show we watched almost every night.

The Adams Family!!

Taytem and Sawyer eating Cheetos for breakfast!! Isn't that how it goes when you're on vacation?

Sawyer watching some TV on the plane ride down.

The first day we got there Taytem saw Minnie and wanted to go see her. So, we waited in line and when it was our turn Taytem freaked out and swatted at Minnie.

This is my Moms attempt at taking our family pic!!

The weather was a little on the warm side and the crowds were very few. The kids got to ride all the rides whenever they wanted without to much of a line.

Sawyer and Woody

Taytem had to ride the carousel over and over again, without any one's help. She thinks she is so BIG.

Taytem loved the parades and would dance!

We did some shopping at Downtown Disney and while Rob was looking in the Quicksilver store and I was chasing Taytem, Sawyer was being a live model!! He fits right in check out the shirt!!

My VERY cute kids.

We had such a great time and we are so glad Dad(ROB) would take the time off work to go with us!!!


The Funny Farm said...

Sooooo jealous! It looks like such a fun time! Taytem is so stinkin cute!

jane said...

what an awesome trip to disneyland! one of these days i want our family to go in october, i think the halloween decorations are so cute!

i love how sawyer's glasses resemble rob's, they're twinners!

i'm so happy for you guys, you seem to be doing so many fun & exciting things right now, life is good!

and, your family is BEAUTIFUL!!!